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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mr. Fungi's products organic?

Mr. Fungi products are 100% natural and organic. Our organisms are not produced in a laboratory. They are grown in a holistic matrix on host plants. No fertilizers are ever used or added to any of the Mr. Fungi products.

Does Mr. Fungi work with all plants?

Approximately 85% of plants use Endo Mycorrhizae in their root systems. Please reference our Plant List to ensure that your plant is compatible!
Endo Ecto Ericoid Non-myorrihizal Plants

Most Mycorrhizae products are just one step. Why does Mr. Fungi have three components?

Inoculating your roots with mycorrhizae is just the first step. Mycorrhizae is a living organism. It requires food (Nourish) and benefits from symbiotic relationships with other micro organisms (Energize). We carry the full package!

Is Mr. Fungi environmentally conscious?

Mr. Fungi's system is great for the earth! Mycorrhizae allow plants to be much more efficient while they gather nutrients from the ground. This translates into lower watering requirements, lower fertilizer needs, better disease resistance and higher levels of micro-nutrients.

How do I inoculate plants that are already planted or not bare root?

We have several ways that you can add inoculum to the roots after plants are in the ground. Mixing (Establish) with water and creating a hole in the dirt at the base of the plants Plants will also naturally find mycorrhizae as their roots expand. Using (Establish) jump starts this process! You can still use (Nourish) and (Energize) even if you did not inoculate originally.

What are the application rates for Mr. Fungi's products?

Application rates are detailed on each product label and vary depending on the size of the plant you are applying them to, and the method in which you are using them. Applications can be as simple as for a single house plant, or as complicated as using automated equipment in a commercial setting.

Do I need to use fertilizer with the Mr. Fungi's products?

Mr. Fungi's products contain proprietary blends of organic bio stimulants that greatly reduce the need for you to add fertilizer. Mycorrhizal fungi are proven to increase fertilizer efficiency. Independent studies show that, when Establish is properly applied, growers can reduce fertilizer needs by up to two thirds. If you do choose to use fertilizer, it is important to follow package label information regarding fertilizer use.

Are there fertilizers to avoid when using Mr. Fungi's products?

Every fertilizer is required to list three important numbers on its label. They represent N-P-K or nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. The best rule of thumb to use around fertilizers is to try to be “organic”. Organic fertilizers require the plant to “break them down” before they can be absorbed and used. Synthetic or “man-made” fertilizers act much faster, but run the risk of “burning” plants if overapplied.

Mr. Fungi's products work best when the MIDDLE number representing Phosphorus is less than or equal to 10. When Phosphorus is greater than 10 ppm, it tends to signal to Mr. Fungi's biology, they are not needed, and thus growers do not see the desired effects.

How does using Mr. Fungi compare to a typical fertilizer regimen?

Mr. Fungi's products increase the efficiency of your fertilizer which translates into using less of it. In general, the cost of the Mr. Fungi product set is more than absorbed into the savings achieved by using less water, less fertilizer, and experiencing less plant mortality. Couple the savings with more plant yield, and it is safe to say that it pays to use Mr. Fungi!

Is there a shelf life to Mr. Fungi's products?

As long as the storage info on the Mr. Fungi label is followed, mycorrhizae have been shown to survive for many years. Generally, Mr. Fungi products must comply with registration limitations that are dictated in each jurisdiction.

Can Mr. Fungi be run through drip lines?

Both Establish and Nourish are granular products and do not work in drip lines. However, Energize can be used as a “tea” component and the extract can be easily run through drip lines.

Can I use “too much” Mr. Fungi?

Unlike fertilizers, Mr. Fungi's products are 100% natural and organic and cannot be overused. Mr. Fungi's products consist of organisms that occur naturally in the environment. The more biology that you add back into the system, the better your plants will respond!

What are the Rhizosphere, the Mycorrhizosphere, and the Hyphasphere?

The Rhizosphere is the narrow region of soil that is directly influenced by root secretions and associated soil microorganisms.

The Mycorrhizosphere is the region around a mycorrhizal fungus in which nutrients released from the fungus increase the microbial population and its activities.

The Hyphasphere refers to the region of soil around roots that are influenced by the presence of mycorrhizae.

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