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Mr. Fungi – The Future of Growing

There is about to be a revolution in the way we garden and it is called Mr. Fungi. products is the future of gardening; it is a way of growing that not only increases yields and unlocks the nutrients in the soil, but actually leaves the soil more productive and more pure than before application.

Mr. Fungi products are from the earth, and from natural growth stimulants connected to the soil. There is no way of growing that is more natural, "green" or more eco-friendly than Mr. Fungi products are non-GMO, are beneficial to the soil and are extremely safe to use.

Mr. Fungi soil treatments naturally help plants to grow more vigorously and to produce more flowers and fruits, but are they are not chemical fertilizers. Mr. Fungi products help your plants to more effectively use the nutrients already found in your soil, but they aren’t artificial. Mr. Fungi leave no chemical residues. Mr. Fungi are extremely cost effective and will fit the budget of any garden.

If Your Plants Could Talk, They’d Ask for Mr. Fungi

Remember the old joke about people talking to their plants? If plants could talk to us, they’d ask for Mr. Fungi. Plants don’t need to suffocate and burn under layers of fertilizers and chemicals and then get drowned in water in order to grow. Plants don’t need the constant application of mineral supplements, artificial root stimulants or animal meal by-products that ultimately leech out of the soil and into the waterways.

What plants need are green products that naturally work within their growth systems.

Plants need Mr. Fungi.

Mr. Fungi products are formulated using naturally occurring micro-organisms that are supposed to be part of the plant’s root system. These organisms promote health and growth and restore microbial diversity to the soil. Our products are never produced using solvents or other extraction processes.

If you’re an organic gardener, an heirloom vegetable gardener, a concerned gardener, a gardener committed to the environment or simply someone who likes the idea of using natural products around your pets or children, Mr. Fungi has the solution and Mr. Fungi is the solution.

Get Results with Mr. Fungi

We promote organic methods of growing, but if you must use synthetic fertilizers, the Mr. Fungi products allow you to use far less of it and get even better results. This positively impacts our ground water, oceans, rivers, and streams.

Our products are the result of over 50 years of research in the fields of mycorrhizae and soil borne diseases. Additionally, they are the result of over 25 years of commercially producing soil amendment products that greatly enhance the growing experience.

Our Commitment to the Future

As Mr. Fungi products are safe, eco-friendly and leave no chemical residues, and as our products break down harmful mineral deposits and turn them into compounds plants can use, we know we’re contributing to the healing of the earth.

At the end of the day, our extensive research and deep gardening passion has led us to making products that help our environment as much as our gardens. It makes us happy to know we’re making future generations of gardeners happy and productive.

Mr. Fungi is the future of growing.