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Mr. Fungi

Probiotics for your plants!

  • Increased Plant Health Grow larger, healthier plants

  • Increased Water Use Efficiency Use up to 50% less water

  • Increased Nutrient Use Efficiency Use up to 50% less fertilizer

The Mycorrhizal Effect

Without Mycorrhizae

Why Plants Don't Flourish...

Plants that are not inoculated with mycorrhizae are operating at a deficiency from what Mother Nature intended. Root systems are stunted and as a result, the plant suffers.


With Mycorrhizae

Why Mr. Fungi Works...

Mycorrhizae restore the natural balance to the plant and maximize all of it’s growth and health potentials.

Holistic Mycorrhizal Solution
Has Been Believed To Be Difficult To Achieve...

Revolutionary Break-through!

The Mr. Fungi System is growing the way nature intended. By restoring key biology back into the plant, and the soil around the plant, Mr. Fungi promotes sustainable growth, increases plant yields, and creates a barrier (like the human immune system) to help ward off harmful soil diseases.

The Mr. Fungi System is holistically produced and has no chemical ingredients. Further, all of the ingredients in the Mr. Fungi System are already proven to work in harmony to maximize the potential of the plant. Our products are all Non - GMO, are beneficial to the soil, and are 100% safe to the people applying them.

Help your plants find and use more of the nutrients already in the soil

The Mr. Fungi system helps your plants absorb and more effectively use nutrients that are bound in the native soil. This allows you to reduce external fertilizer inputs and create a healthier rhizosphere (the area around the roots of the plant).

The Mr. Fungi system is extremely cost effective, and fits any budget. The savings on other inputs more than pay for what you spend on the Mr. Fungi System.

Benefits of the Mr. Fungi System

Root System Growth​

Larger root systems equal healthier and larger plants that produce more fruit and more flowers.

Nutrient Efficiency

Mycorrhizae have the ability to mine for nutrients in the native soil and to more effectively use those nutrients. This allows the grower to use lower amounts of external nutrient inputs and still achieve the same amount of plant growth.

Water Use Efficiency

When plants are treated with the Mr. Fungi system, those organisms take over the root system of your plants and help control how water is brought into the plant, and more importantly, how it is used. The roots store water until it is needed by the plant. This provides protection from drought, and it lowers the amount of water the grower needs to use to achieve optimum growth.

Mr. Fungi Applications

Home Gardeners

Don’t take chances with the food you grow in your garden. The Mr. Fungi system is organic and natural.

Green Thumb

The Mr. Fungi system benefits ANYONE who grows plants. If you love your plants, you owe it to them to use the Mr. Fungi System. Restore their natural potential and fortify them with health and vigor.

Propagation & Nurseries

Mr. Fungi System propagators and nurseries can ensure new plant health and produce plants that are worth more on the wholesale market.

Commercial Agriculture

Restore vital biology to your commercial fields. Help your crop realize its natural potential without the need of toxic chemical solutions.

Hemp Growers

The Mr. Fungi System helps the hemp plant increase its yields in bio mass, oil production, and flowers. Additionally, the Mr. Fungi System enhances the CBD derived from hemp by accentuating terpene production.

The Mr. Fungi System Difference

The Mr Fungi System is the result of over 50 years of science dedicated to mycorrhizal fungi and soil borne diseases (and more specifically how to defeat those diseases). Mr. Fungi is produced from live plants and not in some lab. This means that the organisms in our products are already known to work with plants.

Other companies simply throw components together without really knowing what the effects will be. The Mr. Fungi System starts with inoculating the plant with the highest quality mycorrhizal fungi on the market. We grow it ourselves instead of buying it from others like most other companies.

Secondly, we aid in the symbiotic relationship between the plant and the mycorrhizae by providing food to help the mycorrhizal structures expand (which, in turn, helps the plant grow).

The final step is a natural bio stimulant that is like an organic energy drink for your plant. It “energizes” the plant and maintains necessary levels of biology.



Mycorrhizal Inoculant (multiple species to help adapt to different soil types).



Enhances the growth the mycorrhizal structures by providing humic and fulvic acids.



100% natural bio stimulant that helps maintain biology around the root zone of your plants.

Healthy Plants...Healthy Grow

What Growers, Gardeners
And Others Are Saying...

I love this product. It has drastically improved my organic soil. The plants seem to thrive and produce much better. I used to use just worm castings but the different micro-organisms in this product sure gives a boost to growth.

My 10 acre vineyard went without water all summer long, but because my plants were treated with the Mr. Fungi System, they were still thriving late into August. Other vineyards had withered and were suffering. I am looking at a bumper crop because of Mr. Fungi.

I’ve been gardening at home for over 10 years, and this year my garden produced vegetables that are 33% larger than ever before, and the flavor is incredible. I owe it all to Mr. Fungi. I will never plant another garden again without using the whole system.

We use the Mr. Fungi System to treat sports fields and golf courses. The effects are amazing. Even after a hard year of play, the fields treated with Mr. Fungi look completely fresh and brand new. The amount of fertilizer we have to use has gone down as well.

Our commercial hemp operation increased its yield by 25% in the first harvest using the Mr. Fungi System. Our buds are bigger and stickier, and the leaf biomass is unlike anything we have ever had before.

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Mr. Fungi - The Complete System

The Complete System includes Establish, Nourish and Energize in one easy to use package!

Sample size treats 2-4 plants
Standard size treats 20-40 plants
Grower size treats 750-1000 plants

Starting At


Mr. Fungi - Establish

Sprinkle this product on your plant's bare roots before planting.

Establish has a scientifically selected blend of mycorizzhae that is useful to 85% of plants!

Sample size treats 2-4 plants
Standard size treats 20-40 plants
Grower size treats 750-1000 plants

Starting At


Mr. Fungi - Nourish

Mix Nourish into your potting soil and into the soil you use every time you transplant.

Nourish feeds the mycorrhizae so it can propagate through the entire root system!

Sample size treats 2-4 plants
Standard size treats 20-40 plants
Grower size treats 750-1000 plants

Starting At


Mr. Fungi - Energize

Makes 50 gallons of bio stimulant mix

Multiple application methodologies - use tea bags or add directly to water. Pour resulting solution over the root zone of your plants.

Use every 10-14 days. You will be amazed at the explosive growth.

Ask us how to use Energize with drip irrigation and sprinkler systems.

Sample size treats 2-4 plants
Standard size treats 20-40 plants
Grower size treats 750-1000 plants

Starting At